Top Client List Aarti International Ltd.

Textiles made from Aarti's yarn have one thing in common; they are distinguished by their exclusivity, elegance, performance and top quality. Our customer's select our yarn, because it allows them to fully achieve the properties they want to accomplish in their product
"90% of our yarn is exported to high quality conscious customers in Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Bangladesh & European markets. Our product finally ends up in various internationally accepted & well known brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Walmart, Gap, Marcs & Spencer etc.

We are an approved yarn supplier to all worldwide vendors and garment manufacturers of ESPRIT, H&M and C&A.
M/s. Alok Industries Ltd, Silvassa
M/s. Arvind Limited, Ahmedabad
M/s. Ashima Limited, Ahmedabad
M/s. Trident Limited, Bhatinda
M/s. Hansoll Textile Ltd., Korea
M/s. I.T.V. Industria Tessile Del Vomano S.R.L., Italy
M/s. Kam Hing Textile Macao Commercial Offshore Co. Ltd. Hong Kong
M/s. Marubeni Hong Kong and South China Ltd., Hong Kong
M/s. Prosperlink (Macao Commercial Offshore) Ltd, Hong Kong
M/s. Pacific Overseas Textiles Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Hong Kong