Aarti International Limited Yarn Manufacturing Plant expand in total 55 Acres of land with all latest Technology Instruments and Machineries. Company has regularly been at the forefront of technology, it boasts of cutting edge infrastructure with the latest machinery and know-how to keep things smooth and progressive by fulfilling all the technical and social compliance as per International standards.

Blowroom & Carding

Aarti International Having Uster Vision Shield with Magic Eye for all types of Contamination Removal. Uster Vision Shield with Online Monitoring gives the opportunity to Removes all the contamination with lowest possible loss of good raw Fibres. Rieter and Tr├╝tzschler Blowroom and Carding machines minimize process faults and gives better Quality and consistency to the product.


Best Machinery in Preparatory Sections like Rieter Combers and Finisher Drawframes give the opportunity to enhance the yarn Quality. With precision sophisticated technology, the highly productive speedframes like Saurer & LMW 4200 with automatic doffer achieves maximum value from draw frame sliver to quality package.

Automatic Bobbin Transportation System

The System which reduce the Personnel requirement, reduce the ergonomic operations and Contact-free material transport from the roving frame to the ring and compact-spinning machines ensures the excellent roving quality is retained.


The Latest Technology Ringframes like LRJ9SXL and KTTM are the combination of Good Quality Yarn Output, Inbuilt Energy Saving Solutions and Automatic Doffing system. Company Having 74% compact spinning of its total spindle capacity.


QPRO EX series, the spinning frame and automatic winder are directly connected via the tray-to-tray linking system, eliminating special handling for improved yarn quality. With Uster Quantum 4.0 combines capacitive and optical yarn clearing. This all-in-one solution offers full flexibility for various yarns and changing conditions.

Online Systems

Online Power Monitoring system developed by Schneider comprises all components for data acquisition, monitoring of power data of Entire Facility. Company have installed fully Automatic Humidification Plant from Batliboi, Aesa & Luva for Better spinning of Yarn.