Aarti International Limited (Dyeing & Processing Unit) is an Ultra-modern Processing Unit, installed in 80 acres of Land. For A Processing Unit it is always challenging to make fabric colourful with least impact on environment and community. That’s why Company always focused on such Technology and Machinery which complete this task.

German Technology Knitting Machines

Company have German Technology Knitting Machines like Mayer & Cie, Pillotelli and Terrort which interloping the yarn in such ways which makes fabric with good hand feel, durability and achieve desire parameters of the fabric.

Dyeing Section

Dyeing Machine is the Heart of a Processing House. The good colour of Fabric and water consumption is depends upon type of Dyeing Machines. That’s why Aarti International invested in Latest Technology of Thies Dye Machines which gives the better colour to Fabric with low liquor ratio.

Automatic Dispensing System

Colours look beautiful when they are mixed well with accuracy. That’s why AIL installed fully integrated Automatic Dispensing system where from colour measurement to Lab dip and lab dip to Bulk all the processes are done by Automatic Dispensing System and SEDO Colour Master. It also control the Wastage of Dyes, Chemicals and minimize the human contact to chemicals.

Finishing Section

The Responsibility of giving the desire finishes and parameters taken by BRÜCKNER (Germany) Stenters, Lafer & Ferraro (Italy) Compactors. Company Have also finish capability of Brushing and Sueding with Mario Crosta Italy and Danti Paolo Italy machines.

Printing Section

ZIMMER AUSTRIA offers high quality multi colors printing to the Fabric. Rotary screen System is adaptable to the individual needs of customers to ensure high quality results with single- or multi-color printing on different substrates. Company Have also Baby Rotary Printing for Sample Preparation from ZIMMER AUSTRIA.

Automatic Storage System

Final Material handled with Automatic Storage System by Sieger. It’s also gives better control of Inventory and Traceability of Final Product.

Zero Liquid Discharge ETP

Aarti International Limited Installed Fully Functional 2 MLD ZLD ETP Plant with 92% of Recovery of Water.