Research and Development Lab at Aarti is equipped with Latest generation instruments of USTER - the world's leading supplier of total quality solutions. The lab has automated technology like Uster 1000 HVI Classing, Afis Pro , Uster Tester-5,Uster Tensojet, Uster Cone Expert, Zweiggle Hairiness tester , Mesdan Splice Scanner.

   USTER 1000 HVI CLASSING designed to meet the high throughput requirements. It provides accurate and precise measurement of all important cotton quality parameters.

  USTER AFIS PRO detects fibre imperfections before they become yarn imperfections. The unique measuring system of the USTER® AFIS PRO guarantees that each fiber, nep and trash particle is individually counted.

 USTER TENSOJET- 4 a unique control system that provides information on yarn behavior in further processing. It is the best way to test high performance strength and to predict weavability

  USTER TESTER-5 tests the most important quality parameters such as yarn evenness and yarn imperfections with the high precision. It is equipped with OI sensor for accurate measurement of dust & trash content, OH sensor for hairiness, OM sensor for diameter and shape for advanced prediction of appearance, FM sensor for classification of Foreign Fibres and KBS for advanced identification of machine defects.

 ONLINE Monitoring –  Apart from Lab Testing we believe in 100 % online inspection of the processes and not just a random sampling. Aarti International is equipped with the latest on line monitoring systems.

Rieter:Spider Web
Uster:Cone Expert
Schlafhorst:Coner Pilot
Muratec:Visual Manager
Enercon:Power Consumtion
LTG: Computrised Control Of Humidification System

  LABONLINE (Computer aided yarn clearing) installed in all gauges – Consistency in yarn quality achieved by activation of alarms in gauges to eliminate rogue bobbins. Also precise setting of clearing curves through CAY.